Bear Flag Fish Co.

Catering and Events

Newport Beach

Our Story

We started in 2007 and we're still here, working everyday. There's nothing better than going out in nature, harvesting food with your own hands, and providing it to the people you love. This is what we do.

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The best cut of the best fish. Fresh out of the ocean, expertly prepared. Getting that taste while eating healthy is what inspired us in the first place. It used to happen on the back of our boat. Now we bring it to you.

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Catering & Events

What’s the point of working your tail off, risking it all and coming home sunburned and tired if you don’t throw a party once in a while?

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Fish Market

Premium quality, super fresh, sustainably harvested, mostly local. Dive in.

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They gave us a shot and thought our food merited ink. Which is no small feat these days.

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